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15 Best Essential Oils For Skin Whitening And How To Use Them

Various reasons decide our skin complexion such as environment, melanin content, hyperpigmentation due to toxins, acne, scars, etc.

There are several remedies for skin whitening (technically, remove tanning) but most of these treatments include harmful chemicals products that can cause damage to our skin.

On the other hand, essential oils are naturally extracted and are thus safe to use on any type of skin.

Essential oils are majorly obtained from seeds, flowers, and leaves of the plants. They have a distinct smell and all of them possess certain therapeutic properties that are vital for our skin.

In this article, we would discuss the 15 best Essential Oils that are useful for skin whitening.

Argan Essential Oil

Argan Oil or Moroccan Oil is quite suitable for all skin types. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the effect of blemishes and wrinkles.

This oil is used in making several beauty products that help to improve the skin tone and also provides nourishment to the skin.

Argan oil is also effective in the treatment of acne, scars, cuts, and rashes.

argan essential oil

How to use Argan Oil?

For skin whitening, Argan Oil can be applied directly to clean and dry skin.

Take a few drops of Argan Oil and gently massage it on the skin and let it rest on the skin for a few hours or overnight for better results.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil is a skin whitening ingredient that helps to maintain the natural glow of the skin and is best suited for normal and dry skin.

It soothes the skin and reduces the hyperpigmentation of the skin which is useful to boost melanin, as melanin is majorly responsible for skin whitening.

lavender essential oil

How to use Lavender Oil?

Lavender oil can be mixed with basic oils such as coconut oil or it can be used directly on the skin.

Lavender oil is used with moisturizers, for better results, it can be applied once or twice a day.

Almond Essential Oil 

Almond oil has a variety of benefits. It provides essential nutrients to the body, including the skin and hairs.

Almond oil is rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains unsaturated fatty acids that penetrate deep into the skin, making it softer and whiter.

It nourishes the skin by gently removing the dead cells which in turn makes the skin tone even, giving it a fresh and natural tone look.

Almond oil is quite effective on tan skin, it reduces the tan effect so that skin can regain its natural tone.

almond essential oil

How to Use Almond Oil?

For whitening and fairness, slightly warm almond oil and gently massage on the skin.

It is best suited for normal and dry skin and can be used along with sandalwood oil to achieve clear and glowing skin.

Olive Essential Oil

Olive oil carries various essential vitamins like Vitamin E that nourishes the skin to give a bright and fair complexion.

It benefits in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots which in turn make skin smooth and young.

olive essential oil

How to use Olive Oil?

To use it as a mask, olive oil can be mixed with honey and yoghurt, this mask has to be kept for a few hours so that its nutrients get soaked up in the skin.

Grape Seed Essential Oil 

Grapeseed essential oil is extracted from grapes, it is suitable for oily skin as it reduces the appearance of acne and absorbs the excess amount of oil from the skin.

Grape seed oil is full of antioxidants, it improves the skin tone by removing blemishes thus making it whiter and clear.

Grape Seed Essential Oil 

How to use Grape Seed Oil?

Grapeseed oil can be applied directly to the skin or it can be mixed in a moisturizer.

Mixing grapeseed oil with essential oils, like lavender, can make the skin soft and even tone.

Grapeseed oil capsules are more popular as they provide quick results for skin-related problems.

Vetiver Essential Oil 

Vetiver essential oil has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that help in getting rid of acne and pimples.

It is a useful remedy to treat skin conditions like dark and dull spots that leads to uneven skin complexion.

Vetiver essential oil is considered to be a natural astringent known to improve skin tone and it also cleanses the pores of the skin.

Vetiver Essential Oil 

How to use Vetiver Essential Oil?

Vetiver essential oil can be added to any carrier oil such as virgin coconut oil.

Mix it well with a carrier oil and use it as a moisturizer or toner.

Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil is extracted from rose flower petals, rose essential oil carries a soothing sweet floral smell.

Rose essential oil helps in reducing the dark spot, pimples and it also prevents skin sagging.

It is a good source of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that make the skin hydrated and also useful to soothe skin irritation.

The vitamins and minerals present in rose essential oil boost the skin’s melanin content which in turn makes skin white.

Rose essential oil increases blood circulation and increased blood circulation keeps skin glowing and soft.

Rose Essential Oil

How to use Rose Essential Oil?

Add a few drops of rose essential oil to any moisturizer, this remedy helps to improve skin texture.

Another great remedy for skin is facial steam with rose oil to detoxify the skin and to clear pores.

To make complexion white rose oil is used with aloe gel and turmeric and this mix is applied as a mask.

Sandalwood Essential Oil 

Sandalwood essential oil carries several natural skin whitening agents that not only improve complexion but also reduce dark spots.

It can be used daily and is best suited for oily and normal skin.

This oil makes the skin free from dullness, dryness, suntan and blemishes thus its prolonged usage can make skin even tone.

Sandalwood Essential Oil 

How to use Sandalwood essential oil?

This oil is quite famous as it is used in beauty products that enhance the complexion and even in anti-inflammatory creams.

It is suggested that this oil should not be used directly on the skin and for effective impacts, it can be mixed with honey, gram flour, or turmeric.

Sandalwood essential oil takes time to seep down the skin thus it should be kept for at least a night.

Marula Essential Oil 

Marula Essential Oil is extracted from marula fruit trees and it is widely found in the southern parts of Africa.

Its light texture and high moisture content have made it a famous remedy for skin and hair.

It has antimicrobial properties that prevent the formation of blackheads and pimples.

It has oleic acid that reduces hyperpigmentation thus it is very much effective for skin whitening.

Marula Essential Oil 

How to use Marula Essential Oil?

It is suitable for almost all skin types and is mostly used with moisturizers, lotions, or creams.

Marula Essential oil is often used as a carrier oil thus it can be mixed with other essential oils to treat skin problems.

Castor Essential Oil

Castor essential oil is considered to be one of the oldest remedies for improving skin tone.

It reduces skin pigmentation naturally without causing any harmful effects to the skin.

It contains omega fatty acids that enhance complexion and make skin white and clear.

Castor Essential Oil

How to use Castor Essential Oil?

As a mask –

Castor oil can be mixed with turmeric and this mix can be applied as a mask to improve skin tone and to remove blackheads.

Castor oil and lemon masks are much effective as they possess antioxidant as well as antibacterial properties that cleanse the skin to make skin light and clean.

As a face scrub –

For glowing and fair skin castor oil can be mixed with sugar, this mix is used as a scrub that exfoliates the skin.
It is suitable for normal and oily skin type as it removes the excess oil present inside the pores.

Coconut Essential Oil 

Coconut essential oil is a rich source of fatty acids and Vitamin E that helps to lighten the skin texture.

It is an effective bleaching agent that removes skin tan so that skin can become naturally fair and smooth.

Coconut essential oil deeply penetrates the skin thus it gives quick results for smooth and even tone skin.

Coconut Essential Oil 

How to use Coconut Essential Oil?

Coconut oil carries high comedogenic properties which indicate that it’s over usage can block the skin pores, therefore, to avoid this situation first apply coconut oil on a small patch of the skin and rub it gently and leave it overnight to check if there are signs of any discomfort.

Coconut oil with lemon is effective for skin whitening and also to reduce blemishes or dark spots.
To lighten the skin coconut oil can be used along with baking soda as this mix will act as a bleaching agent for the skin.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree oil carries antifungal and antibacterial properties that decrease the bacterial and fungal effects on the skin.

It is most effective on oily skin as it clears the clogged pores present on the surface of the skin thus clear pores can make skin fair and smooth.

Tea tree oil is considered to be one of the gentle and mild oils thus is suitable for sensitive skin as well.

It does not take away the essential moisture from the skin, it keeps the skin nourished without causing any redness or dryness.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

How to use Tea Tree Essential Oil?

Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with almond or coconut oil, let it rest for a few hours and then rinse it off.

This procedure could help to even out the skin tone.

Geranium Essential Oil

Hyperpigmentation is one of the major reasons for skin’s dark complexion, geranium oil carries natural properties that reduce the pigmentation of the skin making it white and clean.

Geranium oil cleans out the dead skin cells as dead skin cells make skin uneven and dark.

Its prolonged usage can help to treat various skin ailments.

Geranium Essential Oil

How to use Geranium Essential Oil?

This oil can be mixed with moisturizer or with any preferred cream.

Take a few drops of geranium oil and apply it topically on the skin or dilute it with other carrier oils.

This could be a useful remedy for skin whitening.

Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli oil is extremely useful for excessive oily and greasy skin, it reduces the skin sebum and open pores filled with oil and dirt.

These clogged pores make skin dull and dark thus neroli oil can result in skin whitening.

Some research suggests that neroli oil is useful in increasing the melanin content of the skin.

Neroli Essential Oil

How to use Neroli Essential Oil?

This oil provides better results if used daily, for blemish-free and clear skin apply 3 drops of Neroli essential oil with 1/2 tablespoon of carrier oil on the skin.

The other method to enhance skin’s complexion is –

Massage a few drops of Neroli essential oil mixed with 2 tablespoons of carrier oil on the skin to boost circulation and leave it for a few hours.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil carries natural bleachers like citric acid and limonene, these components help to reduce blemishes, suntan, and even dead skin cells.

This oil reduces the spots of acne and pimples making skin feel even and clean.

Lemon oil is easily available and we can even prepare it at home by cold pressing the lemon peel.

Its strong cleansing property makes it a reliable and useful product for skin whitening.

Lemon Essential Oil

How to use Lemon Essential Oil?

Mix lemon essential oil with a small amount of non-comedogenic oil.

Apply it with a cotton ball and let it rest for a few hours.

This procedure can help to cleanse the skin and reduce hyperpigmentation of the skin.

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