15 Uses Of Ixora Flower

What is Ixora Flower?

Ixora is a flowering plant in Rubiaceae family. It has a beautiful bunch of flowers in different colours like pink, red, light pink, white, etc.

Ixora is mainly cultivated for gardening purpose as it is an evergreen shrub with beautiful flowers.

It is not only visually very attractive but also has many medicinal benefits.

In many states in India, it is considered a holy plant. People use Ixora flowers for worshipping God as well as decorating their houses and ornamental purpose.

Apart from decoration purpose, Ixora flowers have many other benefits which not many are aware of.

Ixora flowers are edible and can be used as an ingredient in many recipes.

Also, it has many health-related benefits too.

Because of its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is used to cure several skin related problems too.

Uses of Ixora Flowers

Let’s take a look at some common uses of Ixora flowers:

1. Home Décor

Ixora Flowers can be used as Home Décor as they come in a variety of colours such as Red, Pink, Orange and White. You can arrange the entire bunch of Ixora flowers along with some leaves in a flower vase.

Ixora Flowers kept in water can remain fresh for a longer period of time.

Take some Ixora Flowers (You can take a combination of different colours of Ixora Flowers to make it more aesthetically pleasant) and arrange them in a glass bowl of water along with Floating Candles.

Lit these Candles and your beautiful Ixora flower decorative pot is ready.

2. Ixora Flower Lemonade

To make delicious Ixora Flower Lemonade, first dry the Ixora Flowers.

Add the dried Ixora flowers in boiling water and let it boil for almost 10 minutes on low heat.

Let the Flowers Steep for another 10 Minutes.

Now, strain the concoction and let it cool.

Add little honey and lemon as per taste.

Add Ice and your delicious Ixora flower lemonade is ready.

3. Treat Skin Diseases with Ixora

Ixora Flowers has Antiseptic Properties. They are a Natural Astringent.

Make a Paste of Ixora Flowers.

Topical application of Ixora Flower paste on any Wounds, Cuts or Skin Infections can help with a Speedy Recovery.

You can also make a Decoction* of Ixora Flowers in Coconut oil and Treat Skin Infections such as Eczema and Scabies by applying this oil.

4. Treat Dandruff and have a Healthy Scalp with Ixora

First Dry the Ixora Flowers in Sunlight.

Take some Coconut oil in Pan and Add Dried Ixora Flowers and let it Boil on Low Heat until the Flowers start losing their Color.

Let it cool down and Strain this Decoction using Strainer or Cheese Cloth.

You can use this Ixora Infused Oil on regular basis to get rid of that stubborn Dandruff and to have a Healthy Scalp.

5. Skin Care with Ixora flowers

You can make Natural Face Packs using Ixora Flowers.

Make a Paste of Ixora Flowers.

Add Rice Flour to it.

Make an even consistency Paste. You can add Ixora Flower Infused water to make a smooth consistency.

Apply this Face Pack and Leave it On until Dry.

Rinse and Pat Dry.

6. Treat Pimples with Ixora flowers

Churn the Ixora Flowers in an even Paste.

Apply this paste directly on Pimples.

Repeat this once a day until the Pimples are gone.

You can Prevent Pimples by Drinking Ixora Herbal Tea.

Drink Ixora Flower Herbal Tea regularly as it is an excellent Blood Purifier.

7. Treat Skin Diseases in Infants with Ixora

Skin Diseases in Infants can be prevented by making them Bath in Ixora Flower Infused water.

To Treat Skin Allergies in Kids, give them Ixora Flower Extracts until the Allergy is gone.

8. Treat leucorrhoea with Ixora

Churn Ixora Flowers and make a paste.

Dilute this paste in Buttermilk and drink it regularly to treat white discharge problem in girls.

9. Treat Fever and Headache using Ixora flowers

Make an Infusion of Ixora Flowers in water.

Drink this Infusion 20 ml once a day to Treat Fever and Headache.

10. Heal Red Eye with Ixora

Extract the Juice of Ixora Flowers.

Apply as Eye Drops to get rid of Blood Shot Eyes.

11. Cure Irregular Periods with Ixora infusion

Take 10-15 gm of Ixora Flowers and make an Infusion in water.

Drink it Once a Day to cure Irregular Periods.

12. Improve Skin Complexion with Ixora flowers

Grind Ixora flowers using a mortar and pestle and make a fine paste.

Apply it on your face and body and do a mild massage with it for 5-10 minutes.

You can also add it to your bath scrub powders or ubtans (*Ubtan is an Indian recipe for healthy and glowing skin)

13. Get rid of Cold and Sinus with Ixora flowers

Prepare a concoction of Ixora flowers and clove.

Dip a bandage in this hot concoction and apply on head. Remove once it gets cold and repeat this procedure for 5-10 minutes.

14. Ixora for Food Dressing

Pluck and wash Ixora flowers thoroughly.

Take out the stigma from each flower and remove the stems.

Decorate your sweet dishes with these flowers.

You can also add the Ixora flowers to your salads. (*Just make sure to remove the stigma first)

It is an excellent natural option to enhance food presentation.

15. Healthy Ixora flowers Dessert

For those having sweet tooth, this can be a natural and healthy alternative!

First, pluck fresh Ixora flower petals.

Remove the stigma.

Grind the flowers in a grinder with little water until a runny consistency.

Add rice flour to this paste and grind again.

Boil some water and add Jaggery Powder/ Jaggery pieces.

Let it boil for a few minutes. Add this mixture in flower petal paste and stir well. Sprinkle some fresh Ixora Flower Petals over it and your Ixora Flower Dessert is Ready.

Try them out and let me know about your experience in the comment section below.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this please let me know.

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