4 Metabolism Boosting Drinks – Lose Weight Fast

If you are trying to lose weight or that stubborn fat around your belly, then you must have heard about the term metabolism or metabolic rate and how important it is for weight loss!

But do we really understand what metabolism actually is and why we need to increase our metabolic rate in order to lose weight?

What can you really do to boost your metabolism?

I will be answering all these questions in this article and will be showing 4 powerful drinks you can make at home to boost your metabolism

What is metabolism and how it can help with the wait loss?

Metabolism is the chemical process that occurs in our body in order to run our body and maintain life. In simple words the metabolism process converts what we eat or drink into energy.

When we consume anything, our metabolic rate increases and a good amount of calories are used in this process of digestion.

The higher our metabolic rate is, the higher are our chances of burning those calories and losing weight.

So it is important to increase our metabolic rate from time to time.

Now I will show you four metabolism-boosting drinks that have helped me in cutting that stubborn fat.

4 Metabolism Boosting Drinks

  1. Drink #1

Boil 1 litre of water in a pot. Once it comes to the boiling point remove from the heat.

Now add two green tea dips (or 2 tbsp of loose green tea) and cover it with a lid.

Let the green tea get infused for 2-3 minutes (5 minutes for the loose tea) and strain the mixture.

In this add:

7-8 leaves of spearmint
5-6 leaves of Holy Basil
And 1 entire lemon. Cut it in thin slices.

Once it cools down, fill this in a glass pitcher or bottle and put it in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.
Drink this water throughout the day.

This method is very effective in terms of boosting metabolism and losing weight as the green tea converts the fat into free fatty acids which increases the fat loss process.

Apart from that it is a very refreshing summer drink. Green tea provides antioxidants and drinking it cold will add that boost to our metabolism.

2. Drink #2

Boil 1 glass of water.

In a mug add 1 tsp of Apple cider vinegar with mother. (Use plastic or glass or wooden spoon only when you are using apple cider vinegar as it reacts with metals)

Squeeze half a lemon to this.

Add 1 tsp of raw organic honey and stir.

Now add a pinch of each – ground cinnamon, ground chilli pepper, ground black pepper and quarter tsp of turmeric powder to it and stir.

Now add lukewarm water to it and drink this mixture.

I drink this every alternate day. But right now it’s 40 degrees Celsius here and this drink further increases my body heat so I am altering it with:

A glass of cold water with 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar with mother and a pinch of each ground cinnamon and Himalayan pink salt or rock salt or sea salt. Squeeze half a lemon. Add your preferred sweetener as per taste.

(Sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup or molasses)

Drink this half an hour prior to your meals for added benefits.

This is the most effective metabolism booster. But be cautious as it makes our body temperature super warm.

If you have a high blood pressure issue then you should consult your doctor first.

You can drink this on every alternate day. If you feel it is causing you any kind of discomfort like acne or ulcers then stop using immediately.

Apple cider vinegar is known for its metabolism-boosting qualities.

Capsaicin (cap- sae – sin) in chilli pepper has a fat-burning potential. Also it helps boost your metabolic rate.

Piperine in black pepper also helps to speed up the metabolism!

Drink #3

Soak 2-3 tbsp of chia seeds and basil seeds overnight.

Next day add these soaked seeds in 1-litre bottle. Keep sipping this water throughout the day. If you wish you can also add lemon to make it more effective and for flavour.

For added benefits:

Drink 1 glass of lukewarm water with 1 tbsp of soaked chia seeds / sabja seeds and juice of half a lemon on an empty stomach.

Chia seeds and basil seeds help to speed up our metabolism because of their high vitamin B and Omega-3 content. Basil seeds also known as ‘sabja’ in India are an alternative of chia seeds. They have almost similar properties except the chia seeds contain almost double the amount of omega 3 fatty acids.

Drink #4

Black coffee with a tsp of coconut oil.

Brew your coffee first and add 1 tbsp of cold-pressed coconut oil to it. Drink this once a day. Either in the morning. Or half an hour before your workout.
To get a well-blended taste I stir coffee powder with a little hot water and coconut oil first, like this and once it becomes a smooth paste I add warm water to it.

I personally wouldn’t suggest you to continue this for a long period.

As coffee contains high caffeine content and it is a great stimulator which stimulates our nerves to provide us energy and alertness boost. But then it makes us dependent on it and can leave us feeling energy-less and lethargic when we discontinue or reduce the quantity.

Black coffee is recommended by many dietician as an alternative to coffee with milk or tea with milk. It is a great metabolism booster.

Coconut oil has medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which is why it gets rapidly absorbed and delivered to the liver.

Remember these drinks will help to boost your metabolism and fat loss process.

But this alone is not enough for fat loss. You have to do at least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise 4-5 days a week to really see the visible difference and also, you need to control your calorie intake in order to burn the accumulated fat deposits.

In this video I have only covered drinks which help us to boost your metabolism.

There are also certain foods and superfoods which help boost our metabolic rate. Will talk about it in another article.

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