5 Ways To Make Aloe Vera Gel At Home Without Blender

Things to Know Before Making Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is easily available in the market. Though all of these products state that they are 100% natural, their quality is always questionable.

Aloe vera gel has always been my go-to product since my early modelling days. Though the way I include aloe vera in my beauty routine has changed, the use of aloe vera in its natural form is always there.

Before making aloe vera gel at home, do note that the aloe vera leaf contains a yellow colour liquid called aloin, which must always be removed. You can know more about aloin or aloe latex in the article here.

Another point to keep in mind before you extract aloe vera gel is to decide how you are going to store it once you have it in gel form.

There are several methods to store aloe vera gel depending on your purpose, however, always keep in mind that aloe vera gel stored in any form (except in the form of aloe vera powder) will always have a limited shelf life.

So make sure you are well prepared for that and already know-how and for what purpose you are going to use it.

How to Make Aloe Vera Gel Without Blender?

Making aloe vera gel at home without a blender is quite easy provided you get good quality aloe vera leaf.

In this article, I will be showing how I use simple kitchen tools to extract and make aloe vera gel at home.

Also, do note that aloe vera gel made in this way is preferable for small quantities and immediate use.

Another way which people often use to extract it by using a spoon or knife.

Now, extracting aloe vera gel with a spoon or knife is very easy but then we have to grind it in a mixer grinder to get that even consistency.

But if you are staying in a hostel or travelling or we have no access to mixture grinder or blender then how can we get an even consistency aloe vera gel?

5 Ways To Make Aloe Vera Gel Without Blender Or Grinder

Below I have shared 5 alternatives of a mixer grinder or blender, which you can easily get access to in your kitchen to extract aloe vera gel and get the consistency same as we get by a mixture grinder.

To extract aloe vera gel, first cut the fresh aloe leaves from your aloe vera plant and wash them thoroughly.

Then place these aloe leaves in a bowl at 45 to 90-degree angle for half an hour to drain the ‘Aloin’ (Yellow sap).

Wash the aloe leaves again and remove the excess sap.

Remove the thorny edges and cut these aloe leaves in small pieces and place them in clean water for another 15 minutes to drain excess aloin.

Wash the pieces and dry them using a clean kitchen towel.

The first method is extracting aloe vera gel by a cheese grater.

1. Cheesegrater

Take an aloe piece and remove one side skin of it.

Then place the open part of this aloe piece over the cheese grater and slowly grate the aloe vera gel.

Make sure you don’t grate the outer skin of the aloe vera leaf.

Strain the gel using a cheese/muslin cloth and the aloe vera gel is ready to use!

2. Butter knife

Cut the aloe vera piece from the centre and slowly scrape the gel using the coarse side of a butter knife.

Make sure to do it slowly otherwise you may extract the bigger chunks too.

Strain the gel using a cheesecloth/muslin cloth and you will get a fine consistency aloe vera gel.

3. Lemon squeezer

Cut one side skin off aloe vera pieces and place them upside down in a lemon squeezer exactly the way you place lemon and squeeze the gel.

It will be a little messy considering the sticky nature of aloe vera gel.

Just keep piling these aloe vera pieces on top of each other and squeeze out the maximum gel. Strain the gel and it is ready to use!

4. Peelers

Cut the upper skin of an aloe vera piece and gently scrape out the gel using the case side of a peeler.

(Be careful about your fingers while scraping!) train the gel using a cheese/muslin cloth and the aloe vera gel is ready to use!

5. Chopper

Take aloe pieces and remove their skin and place these aloe vera chunks into a chopper just like you place any other vegetable you want to chop.

Now Chop out the gel.

Take out the gel and strain it using a cheese/muslin cloth.

This is the best method and you can get the consistency just like you get by a grinder that too super quickly and easily!

My personal favourites are the first and the last ones!

Video On How To Extract Aloe Vera Gel 

Try these techniques and let me know if there is any suggestions or questions!

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