aloe vera gel clog pores

Does Aloe Vera Gel Clog Pores?

aloe vera gel clog pores

Be it health, skin, and the environment in general, the present generation is much more positively conscious than the older ones.

Skincare, especially, is something everyone nowadays is obsessed with and deeply passionate about. So much so that people are willing to go to ridiculously extreme lengths to get clear, flawless skin.

While there are multiple, miraculous skin care products and regimes that people are raving about these days, it takes a wise person to avoid falling for such marketing gimmicks.

As tempting and effective as these pricey products may seem, nothing can beat the good-old organic DIY skincare hacks.

Yes! The simplistic ones our mothers and grandmothers consider to be their skincare holy grail.

A popular one among those, which has been considered for a long time now, quite beneficial for our health as well as our skin, is Aloe Vera.

Although Aloe Vera contains an ample amount of diverse healing qualities, the miracles it does to our skin are too good to not be highlighted.

Aloe Vera Gel Clog Pores

From skin care experts to our experienced elders, all sing praise about the skincare benefits of Aloe Vera Gel. After a good face wash, applying Aloe Vera gel on our skin is equivalent to giving it proper nourishment.

It will provide the skin with the moisturisation and tightening it desperately requires to look all supple and renewed. Its gel-based consistency sits well on the skin giving it a fresh dewy glow, not at all leaving it oily and greasy. Now that’s great, isn’t it?

However, since we all know by now, everything has its own set of drawbacks. Likewise, there is a certain question hovering that is not quite in favour of the Aloe Vera Gel, that being: Does Aloe Vera gel clog pores?

Well, let’s settle the confusion regarding it once and for all. So, the answer is both yes and no.

Wait! Don’t get irritated as there is a perfectly rational explanation for this complicated answer.

As per research, the fresh and raw Aloe Vera gel extracted directly from the plant, which by the way is best for the skin, is non-comedogenic.

For people unfamiliar with the term non-comedogenic, it is used to refer to the products or ingredients that don’t clog pores. So rest assured, the organic Aloe Vera obtained right from the plant won’t clog your pores.

The same cannot be said for the store-bought Aloe Vera gels. Contradictory to the raw Aloe Vera gel derived directly from the plant, the ones sold in bottles are a concoction of several other ingredients.

While the Aloe Vera component may non-comedogenic, the same cannot be said about the dyes, preservatives, and fragrances added to formulate the final product.

So, to prevent your pores from getting clogged by store-bought Aloe Vera gels or products having it, it is best to check the ingredients list attached to them. It will help to easily figure out which products are comedogenic and which are not.

Not that anyone asked, but the best thing to avoid such hassles is to opt for the organic and undeniably superior raw Aloe Vera gel. Our skin deserves the best, and it is exactly what the pure and fully packed with benefits, homegrown Aloe Vera Gel is. And the best part is one can get all this for free.

So make your choice: Pricey, unreliable, possibly comedogenic Aloe Vera Gels or the pure, cost-free, non-comedogenic homegrown Aloe Vera Gel? Considering pore clogging is an issue most people face, the choice shouldn’t be a tough one to make.

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