How To Make Pure Natural Rose Water At Home?

During the start of my modelling career, one of the most common beauty ingredients all my model friends swore by was “rose water”.

It has been a part of my daily beauty routine since then.

However, over a years I have heard that though most of the major beauty brands offer rose water, almost all of them have some forms of preservative in them.

So I and my friends started making rose water at home in include in homemade products.

But through experience, I have learnt that there are a lot of misconceptions about making rose water at home.

Many misunderstand rose tea or rose infusion as rose water.

Technically,  rose water is derived using a distillation method.

Well, I have already explained about the distillation process in my video about hydrosol.

You can refer to that video if you want to know about it in detail below:


How to Make Natural Rose Water At Home? 

Rosewater is actually rose petal hydrosol, also known as flower water.

In this video tutorial, I am going to show how to make all 3 rose water forms. i.e. rose water, rose infusion and rose tea.

So let’s get started…

For this, we will be first needing a huge pot with a lid.

The pot should be deep enough to place 2 bowls on top of each other.

Now first, place a small bowl upside down like this.

Or you can place a stand as well, the motto is to elevate the level 3 to 4 cms from the bottom of the pot.

Now spread the rose petals around this bowl and pour water until the rose petals get completely submerged.

Make sure you thoroughly clean the rose petals before adding them.

Place another empty bowl over the below bowl and place the lid upside down like this.

If you have a hole in the lid cover it with either dough or cotton or cloth.

Switch on the flame and keep it as low as possible.

Once you see the steam starts to form, place ice cubes over the lid and keep refilling the ice cubes once melted.

The water droplets filling in this bowl is our rose water.

Switch off the flame when the rose petals have almost lost their colour.

See this is our rose water.

Fill it in an airtight bottle.

The red-coloured water you see at the bottom of the pot is rose-infused water.

It is the byproduct we receive while making rose water.

Many mistake this as rose water.

Fill that too in an airtight container.

How to Make Rose-infused Tea?


Now, to make rose-infused tea,

Crush the rose petals with mortar & pestle.

Place these bruised petals in an airtight glass container.

Fill the container till 3/4th with hot boiling water and close the lid.

Keep it aside until completely cold. And strain the water.

This is rose-infused tea.

So, the coloured waters we got in both the methods are not rose water, they are infusions.

While the colourless liquid we received in a small amount is our rose water. It can be stored in a cool dark place for up to 3 months. While the rose infusions we need to store in the refrigerator.

The shelf life of these infused waters is unto 3 months in the refrigerator and up to 10 days without a refrigerator. And rosewater we can store up to a year in the refrigerator and 3-4 months in the cool dark place.

I hope your doubts about making actual rose water are resolved and this is how you can make your rose water or in that case any other flower water at home.

Over to you..

Do give it a try to make your own rose water and let me know how it goes.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below.

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