How To Do Aloe Vera Facial at Home For Instant Glow and Healthy Skin?


If you are someone like me who looks for natural and organic alternatives to solve day to day issues, then Aloe Vera should be your go-to item.

When it comes to protecting your skin, Aloe Vera gel is the best natural moisturizer. One of the things I like about Aloe Vera is that it gets absorbed really quickly into our skin and rejuvenates the skin from within.

In this article, I will be explaining 5 ways to use Aloe Vera Gel to get healthy skin.

How to get clear and glowing skin using freshly extracted Aloe Vera Gel in 5 easy steps:

I usually make Aloe Vera Gel at home.

Firstly, extract fresh Aloe Vera Gel.

You can refer my video about “How to cut, Extract and Preserve Aloe Vera Gel for a detailed explanation

Step 1 – Cleansing:

First, we will clean our skin with a homemade cleaner made from your daily cleanser (you can use any organic/natural cleanser) and aloe vera gel.

For that you require:

1 tsp of your daily cleanser

1 tbsp freshly extracted Aloe Vera Gel

Mix both of them properly and apply on face and do a light massage for a while. Rinse it and pat dry.

Aloe Vera Gel has Anti-microbial, Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It acts as a natural antiseptic for our skin. Mixing it with our daily cleanser will make the cleanser a bit mild.

Also, aloe vera gel penetrates deep into our skin easily and cleans thoroughly.

Step 2 – Scrubbing:

Regular scrubbing (twice a week) can help remove the dead skin layer, along with the dirt accumulated on the skin as well as cleans the pores.

My skin is super sensitive and it tends to break out from the harsh granules used in ready-made scrubs available in the market.

Therefore, I generally make my own scrub at home.

For this, I am using coffee and aloe vera gel to do mild scrubbing.

To make Aloe Vera Gel, you will require:

1 tsp of coffee powder and

1 tbsp of freshly extracted aloe vera gel

Mix both and apply on skin evenly. Now scrub your skin with this mixture applying light strokes.

Keep this mixture on for 5-10 minutes until completely dry.

Once dry, wash it off and pat dry.

This thoroughly cleans our face from within. Also, it doesn’t harm sensitive skin.

The coffee powder contains caffeine; which is believed to boost the blood circulation and thus help in the reduction of wrinkles, fine lines and cellulite.

Coffee scrub mildly exfoliates the skin making it smooth and radiant.   Coffee powder also provides antioxidants to our skin.

Points to note:

1. Wear your pyjamas (or old clothes) so that you don’t stain your new clothes. Coffee stains are a headache to get rid of, so be careful while using the coffee scrub.

2. Because Coffee and Aloe Vera Gel, when mixed together, will have a sticky consistency. It is normal.

Step 3 – Moisturizing:

Moisturizing is the food for our skin. To keep your skin ever-heathy, wrinkle-free, and radiant, you must follow this step regularly after cleansing without fail.

For homemade aloe vera moisturizer, you will be using,

1 tbsp of freshly extracted aloe vera gel

1 tsp of pure coconut oil (preferably raw cold-pressed or virgin coconut oil so that you can get the full benefits of coconut)

1-2 drops of any essential oil. (Here, I’ve used orange essential oil. You can use any of your preferred essential oil such as lavender, sandalwood, germanium, rosemary, lemon or frankincense essential oil.)

Mix the entire ingredient until the oil and aloe vera gel gets properly mixed. (It tends to take a while to mix so have a little patience)

First, do light taps on your face using your fingertips. This improves blood circulation.

Now, Apply the mixture evenly on face and do a mild massage for 10 minutes.

After that, put a hot towel over your face for 2 minutes so that the oil gets absorbed completely into the skin.

Wash off and tap dry.

Coconut oil….

Step 4 – Ice massaging:

Ice- massaging closes the open pores, and tones and tightens our skin. Regular ice massage increases the blood flow and reduces the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles.

It also helps remove the dark spots and evens out the skin complexion. Plus,  aloe vera in ice cubes moisturizes our skin.

For this you require:

  1.   Aloe Vera Gel ice-cube
  2.   A dry tissue

Preserve the aloe vera gel by freezing it in an ice-tray a night before you are planning to use.

Rub this ice cube on your face in a circular motion for about a minute. (Until it melts)

Now spread a dry tissue over your face and soak the access aloe vera gel.

Your skin will feel refreshed.

Now it’s time for the last step of this process- Rejuvenating. 

Step 5 – Rejuvenating 

To feel rejuvenated and get fresh-looking skin, prepare a face mist made from:

1 tbsp of freshly extracted Aloe Vera Gel

¼ cup (60ml) of rose water and

1 empty spray bottle

Add rose water and aloe vera gel in the spray bottle and shake it well until both these ingredients are properly mixed.

Spray on your face and that’s it. Done!!

Rosewater tones your skin and produces a cooling effect. Since earlier times, rose water has been used as one of the main components when it comes to skincare and is a very common beauty ingredient in India.  Rosewater is commonly used in face packs, toners, face mists, etc.

Do try this facial at home and let me know about it in the comment section below. 🙂

To watch this video in Hindi; Click below:

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