This Soil Face Mask Will Remove Pimples In 3 Days – Guaranteed Results

It’s it a nightmare when we have planned a perfect date or a meeting or we have to attend any function and right at that time, we notice an irritating pimple on our face? 

Let’s admit we have all been through that.

And then more misery follows..

We try everything possible to get rid of those pimples and their marks and in the end, if nothing works, we have to hide it behind makeup!

But still, there is a bump visible no matter how many layers of makeup we apply!

Since the last few months, I have been seeing a new pimple erupting on my face every week!

This has never happened to me before!

It can be something related to my diet or probably the hormonal changes or the weather.

Anyways looking at the brighter side, I can practically show you a method which I have found very effective in the past and share my day to day results for stopping and getting rid of these pimples!

This method is very useful in treating the pimples as well as fading the scars gradually.

I read about the recipe in an Ayurvedic and naturopathic remedies’ book and I tried it on my face for a month continuously.

And surprisingly it worked.

Then I researched more about it and understanding the science behind it made me believe more in this method.

According to my experience, this remedy which cures pimples naturally in just 3 days and to fade away the scars in a week!

Introducing, “The Soil Face pack” followed by “Ice Massaging” to heal any skin related issues.


Mother nature always has the best solutions to our problems. We just need to recognise them and have faith in them. 🙂

As mentioned in Ayurveda, ‘The soil is an ultimate healer!’.

If you have any wound or boil just make this paste and apply on the affected part.

The ingredients have the power of retaining moisture and coolness for a long time which soothes any inflammation. It relaxes the pores of the skin and promotes fresh blood circulation. 

What do we need for this natural face mask?

Freshly dug soil

(You can easily get it from your garden but if you don’t have a garden you can dig a small amount from anywhere around your apartment or from a nearby park.)

And, 4 to 5 Holy basil leaves. 

(If you don’t have holy basil, you can use any other type of basil too)

How to prepare?

  1. Dig almost 7 to 10 cms deep to get clear and impurities (such as compost or pebble or insects) free soil.
  2. Take out almost 2 tbsp of soil. 
  3. Now even out the soil using a spoon.
  4. In a stainless steel pan, put some water to boil. 
  5. Add 4 to 5 basil leaves to this boiling water and let it steep for 5 minutes. (This step is completely optional but if you have basil leaves then do add)
  6. Add this warm water to the freshly dug soil and stir to make a nice paste. It will not be completely smooth in consistency like clay.
  7. Save the basil leaves in another bowl as we will be needing them later on
  8. Now put this soil mixture aside for a few minutes until the water in it completely cools down.
  9. Once it cools down completely, apply it on your face the same way you apply your face masks. (Make sure you wash your face before applying it)
  10. Now here comes the basil leaves part. If you have any breakout apply a thin layer of this soil pack and then place the basil leaves over it. Now put another coat of mud pack.
  11. Spread it evenly on your face
  12. Now, place a ready-made face sheet mask over it. (Or you can make your own at home by marking your face outline, eye area, nose area and lips on a muslin cloth and cutting it in the shape of your face. Don’t forget to cut at the eyes, nose and lips part.)
  13. Put one more coat on the sheet-like this. And let it cool down for 30 minutes.

*You can also place this mud mask over the sheet first and then apply it on your face but I like the first method as it is easier and less messy. 

After some time you will feel a cooling effect on your skin.

And believe me, this cooling effect is something I have never experienced with any other masks.

After 30 minutes remove the sheet and wash your face with cold water and pat dry.

(If you are using muslin cloth then you can wash and reuse it the next time.)

Don’t apply anything on the skin and let the skin breathe for some time. 

Now is the time to do ‘Ice-massaging’

Take an Ice cube. 

(If you have aloe vera ice cubes then well and good but if don’t then take the normal one.)

Now wrap a muslin cloth around this ice cube and rub on the entire face in a circular motion until the ice melts completely.

Put a dry tissue and soak the excess water.

Regular Ice-massaging will boost the blood circulation and will fade away the scars. 

Try out this mask and share your feedback about it in the comment section below. 

If you are suffering from any skin related issues then try applying this mask every alternate day at least for a month to see the results.

Check out my 3 day’s results after using a soil face mask and ice massage.


Over to you…

Dont’ forget to share your results in the comments below.

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