aloe vera gel smell

What Does Aloe Vera Gel Smells Like?

aloe vera gel smell

For people not previously aware of it, Aloe Vera Gel tastes nowhere as good as the properties it possesses. It tastes quite bitter, bad enough to convince people against taking a second taste test.

For people expecting the smell to be better than the taste, there’s some bad news. The smell of the Aloe Vera Gel is much more disgusting than its taste. So much for wishful thinking!

Aloe Vera Gel gives off an odour similar to that of onions. The reason behind the unpleasant odour of the Aloe Vera Gel is the fascinating fact that it belongs to the Amaryllidaceae plant family.

Given the fact onions, spring onions, garlic, shallots, and leeks also belong to the Amaryllidaceae family of plants, its onion-garlicky smell is justifiable.

The unpleasant smell of the Aloe Vera Gel usually isn’t that strong enough to be noticeable. However, it becomes quite evident when the leaves are cut off for latex harvesting, skincare, healthcare, or any other purpose.

Besides belonging to the Amaryllidaceae plant family, the main substance behind the foul smell of the gel is Aloin. A sappy, yellowish substance found in the Aloe plant, Aloin is found in between in its greenish exterior and the gel interior.

Apart from making the Aloe Vera Gel smell bad, Aloin is a laxative which due to its safety unpredictability isn’t approved by the governments.
While the Aloe Vera Gel doesn’t smell good in general, the smell worsens when the plant starts rotting. The smell is quite pungent, exactly like that of rotten garlic. Certainly not something anyone would like to think about or worse, experience first-hand, would they?

One of the most common reasons contributing to the disgusting smell of an Aloe plant and its gel is rotten roots. So make sure to check them when your Aloe plant starts smelling worse than usual.

If you’re thinking that store-bought Aloe Vera Gel won’t smell bad when expired, sorry to disappoint but you’re wrong there too. Aloe Vera Gel, if store-bought won’t smell bad due to the fragrance added to it along with other ingredients. However, once it expires, nothing can save it from smelling just like the plant-derived, organic gel, which is of rotting onions and garlic.

Smell and taste, are important factors contributing to people’s likeness towards the product. Unfortunately in the case of Aloe Vera Gel, neither one is good.

But there’s nothing some adjustments can’t make better, an example being purchasing good-quality Aloe Vera Gel to avoid its unpleasant original smell. For those who can handle the vile smell, the benefits of the organic Aloe Vera Gel can surely make up for it. You do you!

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