Lilac essential oil benefits

What is Lilac Essential Oil?

People, nowadays, are gradually learning to prioritize their physical and mental wellbeing before anything else. From setting healthy boundaries to indulging in their favourite activities, people do all they can to thrive, be happy and at peace. Self-love is among the top resolutions of most people, and what they are focusing on rightfully should!

Talking about self-love, acquiring quite the hype in recent years are essential oils. Although been around for a long time now, not many were aware of the usages of essential oils. Many credits for stimulating the build-up and curiosity for essential oils go to social media influencers. They highlight the benefits and goodness of essential oils that have influenced their huge number of audiences to try them out.

There is still a huge section of people who are yet to be aware of the term “essential oil” and the varieties they come in. So, let’s start with this awareness crusade by learning about and discussing utilizing one of the most popular essential oils, lilac.

Lilac essential oil benefits

Scientific Information

  • Name – Lilac Essential Oil
  • Scientific Name – Syringa vulgaris
  • Plant family – Oleaceae
  • Originates from – The Middle East and Eastern Europe, more specifically the Balkan region.
  • Extracted from – The leaves and flowers of the Syringa Bulgaria plant.
  • Method of extraction – Steam Distillation
  • Colour of lilac essential oil – Light purple
  • Parts of the plant used – Leaves, flowers and fruits
  • Oil consistency – Waxy
  • Oil aroma type – Floral and Refreshing

The lilac essential oil is extracted from the Syringa vulgaris plant belonging to the Oleaceae plant family. Commonly known as lilac, the plant is native to the Middle East, more specifically Persia and the Balkan region of Eastern Europe. However, lilac plants are widely cultivated in many other parts like India and North America. The lilac essential oil is extracted through steam distillation from the leaves and flowers of the plant and is light purple. The oil has quite a pleasant floral and refreshing scent and wax-like consistency.

Lilac essential oil’s earliest utilization traces back to the Indigenous people, although it is also employed in medicinal practices. Syringa vulgaris is the most popular variety of lilac. Besides medicinal utilization, it has been used to treat various disorders since the 19th century.

Lilac Essential Oil Benefits

Considering that all fundamental details on the lilac essential oil have been covered, the next vital thing to learn about is its usefulness. Therefore, discussed comprehensively below are the multiple benefits of lilac essential oil.

Lilac flowers

Health Benefits of Lilac Essential Oil

The miraculous astringent and antioxidants in lilac essential oil help enhance the quality of our skin, keeping it tight, young and supple. Whatever be the sign of ageing, wrinkles, fine lines, or blemishes, to name a few. The lilac essential oil is all one needs to tighten it up, restore its elasticity and bring back the youthful charm.

An excellent febrifuge, the lilac essential oil is quite effective for reducing even the most persistent fevers. Stimulating sweating helps release all the toxins from the body, assists the immune system in restoring itself and significantly speeds up the recovery process.

Extensively used in aromatherapy, lilac essential oil helps reduce stress and anxiety. The alcohol named lilac linalool found in lilac essential oil is well-known for easing and eliminating stress and amplifying serotonin in our bodies. It further indicates our nervous system to decrease the production of cortisol- the stress hormone.

Lilac essential oil is also beneficial in purifying the air around us by eliminating all harmful bacteria. Also, its fresh flowery fragrance helps keep unpleasant odours away. Just add a few drops of the lilac essential oil to the diffuser to instantly uplift both the vibe of space as well as one’s mood.

Moreover, inhaling the sweet-smelling lilac essential oil before bedtime can be immensely helpful in curing insomnia and maintaining a healthy sleep cycle.

Inflammation is our body’s response to any dysfunction, a common yet irritating issue. Among the many effects of inflammation is redness or swelling. Lilac essential oil works miracles when it comes to healing inflammation and its sources and consequences.

Any skin issue, be it sunburns, cuts or rashes, the lilac essential oil is quite helpful in treating them all. It also helps prevent cell damage and doesn’t deprive the body of its natural oils. Therefore, a necessary addition to our skincare routine.

Considering the ample amount of stress everyone lives with these days, high blood pressure and heart problems are seen in many people. The healing properties of the lilac essential oil have been found to reduce blood pressure and decrease heart problems.

Depression is one of the most concerning mental disorders in today’s date. So much so that many people have lost their battle with it. For the people fighting depression, aromatherapy has proved to be quite effective, for most of which lilac essential oil is used.

Lilac essential oil is an excellent vermifuge. It means that it is an anthelmintic drug that helps destroy intestinal worms from our bodies. Furthermore, its antiperiodic properties help treat and prevent diseases like fever and malaria.

Additional Benefits

People outdoorsy or those who have pets know how dangerous ticks can be. Also, the termite problem is a concerning issue in many households. The solution to both parasitic problems is lilac essential oil. Spraying it all around our homes, both inside and outside, can help get rid of ticks and mites.

The lilac essential oil is often used to clean our homes and appliances and is filled with anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-parasitic and anti-viral properties. Also, the soothing, flowery aroma it leaves behind is a bonus.

The anti-ageing elements of lilac essential oil are vital ingredients in cosmetics, skincare, and haircare products, from using it in its original form to incorporating it in bath soaps, shower gels, moisturizers, shampoos, handwashes and even perfume. Lilac essential oil is a versatile ingredient optimally utilized in the beauty and skincare industry.

Lilac Essential Oil

Precautionary Measures

Despite having numerous benefits, certain side effects can be caused by the lilac essential oil. Here are certain conditions and side effects that one needs to know before beginning to use it.

Under no circumstances should lilac essential oil be orally consumed.

Lilac essential oil can, at times, be an allergenic substance. Hence, people prone to allergies are advised against using it.
People with migraine issues or nausea can find the otherwise flowery scent of the lilac essential oil to be overwhelming.

Therefore they are advised against using it, and if they do, by diluting the solution with other refreshing oils or water.

The lilac essential oil can cause skin irritation like blisters, rashes and infections. It is advisable to dilute or test it out before applying it to the skin.

Pregnant and nursing women should stay clear of using lilac essential oil due to the high concentration of active ingredients and chemicals.

Immensely versatile and beneficial for diverse purposes, the lilac essential oil is one remarkable product to have. Here’s hoping that this piece has covered more or less everything people, especially the beginners, need to know about lilac essential oil. With that said, do remember the precautions and use the lilac essential oil as wisely as possible.

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