Aloe Vera Introduction and Benefits

According to a study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, in ancient Egypt, they called Aloe vera “that plant of immortality.” – Medical News Today

Aloe Vera name derived from an Arabic word ‘Alloeh’  which means ‘A shining bitter substance’. This shinning substance has many medicinal, health, beauty and skin related benefits.

It is a natural healing plant, which is also a very popular houseplant. Aloe Vera plant is a natural air purifier as it absorbs Carbon Dioxide and releases Oxygen at night. You can keep it as a decorative piece in your room near window or in your balcony where it can get sufficient sunlight. Aloe Vera plant needs sunlight but gets burn in direct sunlight. Also it requires a very little water so it is an ideal indoor plant. The best part is you can grow your own Aloe Vera plant at home or you can get it easily from the nearby supermarket.

This miracle plant is also called ‘the lily of the desert. Aloe Vera has approximately 400 species out of which Barbadensis Miller (true aloe) is the one widely used for curative and healing powers.

It  is a highly low maintenance plant with benefits you might not be aware of.

9 Important enzymes which our body needs but can not product but Aloe Vera can provide us are:

  1. Phosphatase – The enzyme which converts starch and glycogen into simple sugar. Which are mainly found in our saliva and pancreatic fluids which helps with digestion.
  2. Bradykinase – The enzyme which helps in building out immunity.
  3. Catalase – This enzyme don’t let water to accumulate in our system so that it helps with the bloating.
  4. Cellulase – This enzyme helps in the digestion of Cellulose.
  5. Lipase – This enzyme helps with the proper digestion.
  6. Nucleotidase – It is a hydrolytic enzyme which helps in digestion to break down consumed Nucleic Acids.
  7. Alcaline Phosphate – This enzyme lowers the stomach acid also helps prevent indigestion, heart burn and gas.
  8. Protease – This enzyme breaks down the proteins into amino acids.
  9. Amylase – It is an essential digestive enzyme which breaks down the carbohydrates in simple sugars which provides energy to our body.


12 Vitamins which Aloe Vera contains are:

  1. Vitamin A,
  2. Vitamin C,
  3. Vitamin E,
  4. Vitamin B1,
  5. Vitamin B2,
  6. Vitamin B3,
  7. Vitamin B5,
  8. Vitamin B6,
  9. Vitamin B12,
  10. Vitamin M,
  11. Niancimanide, and
  12. Choline


11 Important Minerals Aloe Vera contains are:

  1. Calcium
  2. Phosphorus
  3. Potassium
  4. Iron
  5. Sodium
  6. Chlorine
  7. Manganese
  8. Magnesium
  9. Copper
  10. Chromium
  11. Zinc


Also, Aloe Vera contains 18 amino acids out of which 7 essential amino acids and 11 secondary.

(*Reference – ‘Good Health – the aloe way by ForeverLiving)

Aloe Vera Gel contains ‘Acemannan’ – a complex carbohydrate which transfers all the nutrients to the cells, relives toxins from the cells as well as nourish them.

Aloe Vera is excellent for our body, both externally and internally, as it contains 18 out of 20 amino acids found in Human bodies.

Let’s take a look at the top benefits of aloe Vera: (These are few basic benefits I have come across through reading and personal experiences)

 External Uses:


Aloe Vera has antibacterial, anti fungal & anti inflammatory properties which help with healing of  skin diseases and wounds.

  •  Aloe Vera is often referred as ‘The Wand of Heaven’. Because it is believed that whoever is touched by the inner healing gel would be cured of their skin disorders.
  • Aloe Vera is antiseptic as it contains 6 important antiseptic agents (Lupeol, Salicylic Acid, Urea Nitrogen, Cinnamic Acid, Phenol and sulphur)  which exhibit antimicrobial qualities.
  •  It’s effective in the treatment of skin problems such as eczema, red spots, fever blisters, psoriasis, sores, fungal infections, rashes, insect bites, etc.  Aloe gel has a tendency to rapidly penetrate into the skin and thus heals any wound or infection faster.


Aloe Vera is a great coolant:

  • Aloe Vera gel has a natural cooling effect, which gives instant relief from sunburns or any other type of burns.
  • If applied immediately on the burns, it can help in preventing burn blisters.
  • It also provides the essential nutrients, required to promote healthy tissue growth, by killing the bacteria that thrives on damaged skin cells, and reduce the inflammation.


Aloe Vera gel has anti wrinkle and anti ageing benefits:

  • Aloe Vera gel helps in forming new cells, and promotes healthy healing of any damage caused to the skin.
  • Aloe Vera contains Vitamin C and E, which helps in maintaining the elasticity of the ageing skin.


Aloe Vera gel is a great natural moisturiser:

  • Aloe Vera Gel is a power-food for your skin.
  • Aloe Vera gel is also considered a great moisturizer, as it penetrates our skin faster. It also provides all essential enzymes to repair and regenerate new cells, which gives our skin a moist and healthy glow.
  •  Aloe Vera stores water in a gel form, which is the reason it provides us with the ultimate moisture. It is so easily absorbed that you can’t even feel like you have applied anything on your skin.
  •  No wonder the entire cosmetic industry thrives on adding this miracle gel to their products. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it’s gentle and safe for people with sensitive skin like me.


Aloe Vera gel for scalp and hair health:

  • We all worry a lot about our hair. Our quest for the ideal shampoo and conditioner is never ending. Now we can worry less as we have this ultimate healer gel which is not only a great conditioner for our hair but it also stops hair fall issues and promotes rapid hair growth.
  • Aloe Vera contains all the essential vitamins needed to maintain hair health.
  • Aloe Vera gel acts as an astringent for our scalp, which closes the open pores and penetrates right up to the root to strengthen and fortify the roots.
  • Aloe Vera has the PH level similar to our scalp. So don’t worry and just extract the fresh aloe vera gel and slather it on your scalp and hair.
  • Also, it contains 7 essential amino acids and 11 minerals out of which Zinc and Copper are known for hair growth boosters.
  • Because of its anti fungal properties aloe vera gel helps get rid of that stubborn dandruff off your head.
  • Applying aloe vera on your hair tips moisturises and nourishes the split ends and rough hair.

*I have curly hair and it tends to get super dry and frizzy all the time. I can swear by the moisture aloe gel provides to my hair.


Aloe Vera for mouth & teeth care:

  • Because of the antibacterial and anti fungal properties of Aloe Vera gel it can work in an excellent way to maintain your dental health by soothing and protecting the highly sensitive fragile tissues of mouth when consumed internally.
  • It has no side effects and it gives a cooling effect on the swollen gums.
  • A study published in General Dentistry reported that ‘the aloe vera in tooth gels is used to cleanse and soothe teeth and gums, and is as effective as toothpaste to fight cavities’.


Internal Uses:


*First of all, let me tell you that the medicinal properties of an Aloe Vera gel consumed orally is not scientifically proven yet. Though many people swear by the benefits they have received by consuming pure Aloe Vera gel, the results have not been the same for all people.

So if in case it causes you any kind of discomfort you should stop the consumption immediately.

Helps in maintaining the overall health as it contains Essential Vitamins and Minerals:

  • According to a report, Aloe Vera contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes there are found in humans. So consuming Aloe Vera gel on daily bases provides us all essential vitamins and minerals to boost our immunity and protecting our body from within.

Helps In Digestion:

  • Drinking Aloe Vera gel is highly beneficial for people with chronic digestive problems as it acts as a detoxifying healing agent for the digestive tracts.
  •  It also heals any stomach related inconvenience like flatulence, digestive disorder, and hyper acidity. It also promotes the appetite.

Helps in Proper Absorption Of Nutrition:

  • Because of all the essential amino acids it contains Aloe Vera Facilitates proper digestion, absorption and assimilation of food and nutrition we consume.

Enhances Immune System:

  • The antioxidants found in aloe vera juice helps fight the free radicals in human body, making metabolism stronger.

Menstrual Flow:

  • According to a research it is said that aloe vera gel helps regulate menstrual flow in women.

Good for heart health:

  • Aloe Vera juice decreases the total fat levels in a patient with high cholesterol by improving blood circulation, which helps in reducing fat deposits and blood clots in the arteries.
  •  Aloe vera helps in reducing cholesterol by improving blood circulation, and thus reduces fat deposits and blood clots in the arteries.

Grow your own miracle plant at home and have a healthy skin, hair, mouth and overall healthy body.

If you have any particular question regarding this feel free to ask me in the comments below. 🙂

“Have an Aloe day!” 🙂


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