How To Make Okra Gel – Natural Product For Hair Styling And Nourishment

I have been frequently asked about my hair care routine and how I style my hair and what products I use.

I have naturally curly hair and for the last couple of years have always been searching for a product on which I can rely, which is not chemically-laden and is highly sustainable.

Believe me, I have tried many market-based so-called “natural” products for my hair but all of them have left my hair damaged and lifeless.

Until I tried a natural remedy – okra gel

If you have seen my videos you would know that since a long time, I have been making my own products using natural ingredients.

I have tried okra gel for hair and got some amazing results and in this article, I am going to share my recipe for this natural hair styling product.

Okra is also known as ladies finger or “bhindi” in India.

This Okra gel not only makes my curls well defined and shiny but also deeply nurtures my hair.

This is a 100% natural and safe hair styling product and its suitable for all hair types.

How to Prepare Okra Gel?

Okay, so while making okra for lunch or dinner I usually do not throw away the top and bottom part.

Instead, I boil them in water to create this gel.

Put the okra pieces in a stainless steel pan and fill water until the okra pieces get submerged completely.

Now boil them on low heat. Keep stirring in between and boiling until the okra pieces lose their colour and a slimy gel starts forming.

Switch off the flame and keep aside the content until it completely cools down.

Strain the gel using a muslin cloth. Squeeze out as much of gel as possible.

Strain again if there is any residue left.

How to Store Okra Gel for a Long Time?

I usually add half a lemon to this Okra gel in order to preserve it.

Lemon’s acidic behaviour helps to reduce the stickiness of Okra as well as increases the shelf life of the okra gel.

Store the okra gel in an airtight glass container and place this glass container in the refrigerator.

It can be stored in the refrigerator for 15 to 20 days.

You can also add 8 to 10 drops of your favourite essential oil to this okra gel for the fragrance.

How to Style Your Hair With Okra Gel?

Do a centre partition and divide your hair into two parts.

Take out almost 2 to 3 tbsp of gel (Quantity depends on your hair growth) in your palms and rub your palms. Spread the gel on your hair evenly.

It will feel a little sticky in the start but in some time the gel will get absorbed in your hair completely.

Apply on your hair roots and scrunch if you have curly hair and comb if you have straight hair.

You can also apply this okra hair gel in your scalp to moisturise your dry flaky scalp.

Okra gel can also be used as a conditioner, serum or a styling gel.

Benefits of Okra Gel On Hair

Okra gel is extracted from the edible green seed pods known as “Okra”. Okra is widely used to prepare dishes and various medicinal products.

Okra gel has a variety of benefits, as it’s rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients.

Okra gel is suggested by experts as a remedy to cure various hair problems such as-

  • Hair fall
  • Dandruff
  • Dry and Itchy scalp
  • Brittle Hair

Okra is rich in vitamin A, C, E, K and B complex.

Okra is full of minerals such as Zinc, Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium.

Okra gel is rich in amino acids which gives our hair a natural protein treatment and repairs the damage.

Okra gel gives our dry, dull, lifeless, damaged hair a makeover and makes them healthy, shiny, bouncy and well-nourished.

Okra also nurtures our scalp and relieves problems such as hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp, etc.

Okra gel helps with the hair growth too.

Uses of Okra Gel

People nowadays are facing a lot of problems related to hair, the reason behind this can be air pollution, lack of nutrients, and essential vitamins in the diet.

  • Okra gel can be used as an external supplement for hairs to prevent hair loss or damage.
  • The gel extracted from okra is a good source of vitamin A and C and minerals like zinc and magnesium, these substances can prevent hair loss.
  • Okra gel has amino acids that stimulate the production of keratin a major protein required for the new hair growth, moreover, amino acids provide nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles.
  • Okra gel can be used as a mask to promote hair growth and it also helps to remove dirt and dead skin over the scalp.
  • Okra gel provides nourishment to the scalp which in turn makes the hair strong and smooth.
  • Okra gel can be applied to the hair strands to make hairs frizz-free and shiny.
  • Okra gel is best suited as a conditioner, it prevents dryness and makes the scalp hydrated, a well-hydrated scalp can reduce hair fall and makes the hair stronger.
  • Okra gel can be used to treat dry, itchy scalp and it has antifungal properties that can help to prevent dandruff and flakiness over the scalp.
  • Thin hair, split ends, oily scalp, and hair loss, all these problems are common and people often use chemical-laden products to cure them but they can harm or damage hairs. Okra gel is a natural styling agent that regenerates damaged hair follicles by providing them with essential nourishment.
  • Okra gel forms a protective layer over the scalp to protect it from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, as UV rays of the sun can damage hair fibre and can make the scalp dry.

Watch Video On How To Make And Use Okra Gel

That’s all for this recipe.

Do give it a try and let me know in the comments how it worked for you.

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